proof of every catch.


Most anglers hate the inconvenience of carrying a camera while holding a rod in one hand and a net in the other. That system just never works. With todays technology of action cameras and cell phones there should be no reason to end a day without a simple picture/video of your fish. the Catch Cam Net technology gives you the most effortless and accessible way to capture your day on the water by capturing five authentic camera angles. This is the Greatest Fishing Net ever made. 

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[ The Land ]

This shot cannot be captured any other way. With the app technology from most action camera companies, its super easy to grab a picture off of any video footage. 


[ The Trophy ]

Sure, you can pull out your phone / camera and snap a pic, but why waste the time when you can already have it on the net you just used to land the fish. Plus with the new voice activation cameras, its super easy to capture the best footage of your catch without the possibility of dropping it or your camera. 


 [ The Selfie ]

Who doesn't want to get a selfie with their catch! If your buddies not there to get a pic for you then how else would you capture this shot? Do you really want to lug around a selfie stick? You're already carrying a net, may as well have one that can do more than just land your fish. 

[ The Release ]

This is the novelty shot everyone wants to get with their action camera. Well with this net, this shot has never been easier. 

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[ The Tripod ]

If you're on a boat or on the bank, you can capture your day as if you had a camera man there running the camera himself. Just setup the shot you want to capture and start fishing.